Ô MAI is a Vietnamese restaurant with a modern twist. We serve traditional dishes as served in Vietnam itself and these will surely whet your appetite.

Great news, our restaurant is opening again on the 1st of June. Did you already book a table? Please hurry, reservations are going fast. We are much obliged to accept your reservation via info@omai.nl or phone: 06 435 987 40.

Keep in mind that there are certain rules to follow from now on.

  • Starting from June we are open daily for lunch and dinner. Our delivery and pick-up service is also up and running every day.
  • Our table layout in the restaurant is COVID-19 proof.
  • The max capacity for 1 table is 4 persons from the same household. For people that are not from the same household, the max capacity for that is 2 persons per table. We have also an option for a big table of 8 persons, which is only available for a group of the same household.
  • Upon arrival, our team members will take a survey with you. We will ask you about your health situation, if you had any health issues in the past 2 weeks. If you don't pass the survey, then we will have to cancel your reservation and kindly request you to book for another moment in the future when you are healthy again.
  • Guests are required to sanitize their hands upon arrival.
  • There is limited space on our terrace. You can make a reservation for the terrace. The same rules are applied here, as in the restaurant. There is only a possibility to be seated on the terrace.
  • Our team is well informed and will act according to the protocol. We are well prepared and have taken the right measures to welcome you.
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